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Town Centre Shoppe *PM for more
94 days ago - Prontera 152, 196 - AAPL
x1Silvervine 4 Box19,000,000z
x1+7 Malicious Shadow Shoes185,000,000z
x1+9 Focus Beret [1]479,000,000z
x1+9 Caster Pendant (Shadow)490,000,000z
x1+11 Giant Faceworm Snake Skin [1]125,000,000z
x1Geffenia Water Book [1]3,000,000z
x1Mental Stick [1]8,500,000z
x1Cannon Spear [1]59,000,000z
x1Black Wing [1]3,000,000z
x1Creeper Bow [2]4,000,000z
x1Creeper Bow [2]4,000,000z
x1Green Whistle [1]3,800,000z

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