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elus and stuffs
68 days ago - Prontera 152, 96 - mhalditaz
x1Kobold Card1,900,000z0z
x1Nab's Cloth [ATK+3:Fighting Spirit3:Porcellio:STR+5] [1]30,000,000z
x1Marc Card9,500,000z
x6Hydra Card900,000z
x9Swordfish Card4,400,000z
x2Phen Card9,500,000z

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3 days agoAngelina: iba price d2
3 days agoKaylin: hello :D
3 days agoKaylin: how i get here lol
1 day agoMicaela: B>Ring of flame lord (18kk)
21 hours agoApril: honey
15 hours agoKristofer: GG
4 hours agoJacob: is this iRO restart  server?