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S> My Soul, Leave Offer Now!
190 days ago - Prontera 109, 56 - No +7 No Life
x1+4 Divine Guard Hat [1]19,999,999z
x42Yggdrasil Seed62,999z
x1Potted Muka Hat19,999,999z
x1+4 Antler Fedora1,899,999z
x1Portable cage for Scatleton5,999,999z
x4Battle Manual X39,199,999z
x1+4 Blue Fish1,999,999z
x1+4 Angry Solo Hat [1]9,999,999z
x1+4 Blue Hairband999,999z
x1Succubus Egg18,999,999z
x1+7 Intelligent Shadow Earring19,999,999z
x1Violet Fear [2]22,999,999z

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