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188 days ago - Prontera 144, 61 - Presto_
x15Soldier Skeleton Card690,000z
x13Drainliar Card1,190,000z
x31Zenorc Card100,000z
x29Orc Skeleton Card50,000z
x5Steel Chonchon Card44,000z
x6Driller Card100,000z
x1000Condensed Red Potion650z
x5Boa Card190,000z
x4Argiope Card1,900,000z
x4Mantis Card2,900,000z
x5Archer Skeleton Card10,000,000z
x6Spore Card100,000z

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18 days agoJaycee: @Brandie, Fiolina is still at the bench in southwest Pront, but doesn't appear to respond to any commands through PM/public chat.
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